Mental health – social-emotional well-being – is fundamental to overall health and an important contributor to a child's success in school and in adulthood.  Unfortunately, social and emotional disorders are common, impacting one in five NH children, many of whom do not receive the services and supports they need to get back on a healthy developmental trajectory.  The children’s behavioral health system is underfunded, fragmented and uncoordinated, leaving children and families without access to the integrated supports needed to address problems early, when treatment is most effective.  Our investments to date have helped to chart a new course for the NH children’s behavioral health system. We will continue to proactively invest in leadership and advocacy, and public policy change within our children’s behavioral health systems.  Our emphasis on strategic grantmaking will allow us to have more sustainable impact in the field.

Selection Criteria and Application Process

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. They focus on building a coalition, increasing the knowledge base, growing leadership and community support, and increasing funding and support for policy.

Contact Kim Firth to share an idea or opportunity for advancing the strategies and outcomes of the Children's Behavioral Health priority area.