How do we address racial inequities and engage in a dialogue that includes the leadership voices of everyone? Developing genuine respect and appreciation for the contributions of our diverse community entails more than just tolerance. It requires the creation of systems, policies and programs that support racial equity and fairness so that everyone can prosper.

Now is the time to talk about what we want our communities and state to be - and what it means to be truly welcoming, inclusive and equitable for everyone in the Granite State. That is why the Endowment supports the Race & Equity in New Hampshire Series.  The series includes important convenings of diverse stakeholders as well as ongoing work groups tackling racial justice and equity challenges within six key sectors, including civic engagement, criminal justice, economic development, education, government and health care. (see fact sheets below)

On October 16, 2017, the Endowment for Health and its community partners held an Inaugural Symposium in Concord, NH entitled, “Race & Equity in New Hampshire: Building Foundations for the Future." More than 260 people attended and engaged in sharing, listening and interacting. The Symposium focused on racial equity in New Hampshire, while highlighting similar issues throughout the entire region and the nation. A year in the making, the Symposium came at the request of people across the Granite State who are working to make their communities welcoming and equitable places for all people choosing to live, learn, work and play in NH.

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Meet Dr. Darnisa Amante

Key Advisor

Race & Equity in NH Series