New Hampshire is one of the healthiest states in the country, but not everyone who lives here has a fair opportunity to achieve their full health potential. 

The Health and Equity in NH: 2013 Report Card produced by New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies documented the existence of serious health inequities in our state.  These inequities unfairly and disproportionately affect communities of color. 

Achieving a fair opportunity for health for all of New Hampshire’s people requires understanding why some people in our communities experience unfair differences in health status. The Endowment recognizes that the root causes of the unfair differences in health are deep, the solutions are varied, and change takes time. 

As a foundation, we work to advance health equity by supporting the field of stakeholders to widen understanding of why equity matters in all aspects of health at every stage of life.

Selection Criteria and Application Process

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. They focus on building a coalition, increasing the knowledge base, growing leadership and community support, and increasing funding and support for policy.

Contact Melina Hill Walker to share an idea or opportunity for advancing the strategies and outcomes of the Health Equity Initiative.