New Hampshire’s oldest residents thrive when they live in age-friendly, vibrant communities. We support the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging as it works to improve the culture, policies and services that support older adults and their families, providing a wide range of choices that advance health, independence and dignity.


By 2032, New Hampshire will have more 65–74 year-olds as a percentage of the total population than any other state. By 2050, the state will rank first in percentage of population for elders age 85+, and second for adults age 75-84.


New Hampshire’s population is, on average, older than the most other states, with a median age of 42.  As longevity increases, we will see an increase in the average age of the older population.  And as people experience better health into later years of life, the definitions of retirement and healthy aging are changing.   How and where people age is changing too.  People are aging in place at home or are opting to live in community outside of traditional institutional care.  The Endowment for Health aims to create a culture that supports the physical, mental, social and economic well-being of all people – through every stage of life.  Through the Elder Health Initiative, the Endowment is working with our community partners to increase understanding of how an aging population will change New Hampshire and to prepare our communities to meet the challenges and tap the opportunities of this change.   Through our field building approach, we are inviting all those who care about older adults and our shared future to form a statewide coalition and to create an action plan.  Working together through collaborative efforts, we can create communities in New Hampshire where elders and their families are supported and offered a wide range of choices to advance health, independence and dignity.


  • An expanded set of stakeholders who identify as members of the field
  • A shared set of goals for elder health
  • Well-connected stakeholders working together to implement shared goals
  • A sustainable infrastructure to coalesce and lead the field
  • A strong grassroots base actively engaged in promoting the importance of attention to elder health
  • Greater awareness of aging issues, especially among business, policymakers, and the public
  • NH has a reframed dialogue about aging that recognizes opportunity
  • Enhanced capacity to collect, analyze and use cross sector data
  • A reframed dialogue about aging
  • Stakeholders use knowledge base to take actions that promote greater choice, independence and dignity for elders
  • Stronger and more diverse base of funding for elder health programs and services
  • Public policies support more choice, independence and dignity for elders

Selection Criteria and Application Process

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. Interested applicants should contact Kelly Laflamme to discuss an idea and opportunities for advancing strategies and outcomes.

Contact Kelly Laflamme for more information.