What is a Field?

A field is a community of organizations and individuals working together toward a common goal using a common set of approaches and practices to achieve the goal.


Shared Purpose Among Partners Strong fields have diverse and distinct members who share a common purpose, core values and goals, and work in a complementary and collaborative manner to achieve them.
  • Shared Purpose
    Among Partners
  • Leadership & Community Support
  • Shared Knowledge
  • Quality Programs
    & Services
  • Adequate Funding & Support for Policy

Our Work in Practice

At the Endowment for Health, we are committed to working with community partners to solve complex social problems.  It is this complexity that makes collaboration so essential.  Our approach, like that of many foundations, is to help set the pre-conditions for collaboration among stakeholders in a way that creates large-scale impact.

To tackle these problems, we bring together different community members, civic leaders, organizations, advocates, and experts from many sectors to work jointly to reach common goals.  Specifically, we are dedicated to developing strong fields in the areas of early childhood, elder health, children’s behavioral health, health equity and health policy, with the aim of ensuring the overall wellbeing for all New Hampshire people.