We know that large scale changes cannot be achieved in the short term, nor can they be realized by one organization acting alone. In each priority area (Early Childhood, Healthy Aging, Health Equity, Children’s Behavioral Health, and Health Policy) we contribute to collective approaches by bringing together stakeholders, conducting research, funding policy analysis and communicating in a way that garners the attention of the public and our policy makers.

We work together with grantees and other partners to identify solutions to pressing issues and develop high-impact strategies to make change.  Sometimes strategies are identified by a coalition or working group that is focused on the priority area.  Sometimes the good ideas come from grantees or potential grantees.  And sometimes we identify opportunities based on research, emerging practices or the good work of other funders.

Each priority area has a dedicated allocation of funding to support stakeholder engagement, leadership development, knowledge building, program standards and quality transformation, and policy alignment.  Our Strategic Grants are always made in dialogue with grantees, potential grantees and other partners and in alignment with priority area strategies and outcomes.


Grants will be limited to nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code, government agencies, schools, colleges and universities. Proposed projects or activities must serve the people of New Hampshire.

The following are generally NOT eligible:

•Grants to individuals

•Out of state projects.

•Ongoing operating expenses.

•Equipment purchases.

•Sponsorships for events/conferences.

•Capital campaigns and/or fundraising events.

•Lobbying. Direct (influence legislative body) and grassroots lobbying (call to action).

•Expenses already incurred. Replacement of public funding. Sectarian or religious programs.

•Directly or indirectly supporting political activities including political campaigns.

Selection Criteria and Application Process

Our Strategic Grants are identified in partnership with key stakeholders. Interested applicants should contact the Program Staff dedicated to the priority area to discuss the idea and identify opportunities for advancing strategies and outcomes.

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