Manage Your Grant

This section is intended to provide resources to assist with managing an Endowment grant.   Staff is available to assist you in managing your grant.

Budget Guidelines, Budget Table Template, Budget Justification Template, Workplan Template and Workplan Guidelines



Evaluation is important to the Endowment.   The Endowment recognizes that evaluation of any grant-funded project will reflect the scope of he project and the size of the grant.  Several resources are listed below to assist with evaluation.  

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Endowment for Health supports a wide range of projects which promote sustainable improvement for the people of New Hampshire.  Grants are usually awarded to organizations that qualify for exemption as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; however, the Endowment will consider funding a Fiscal Sponsor for a project conducted by an organization or collaborative that is not recognized as a public charity by the IRS.

The Endowment for Health recognizes that not every charitable endeavor needs the infrastructure required to become a formal tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  For example, an emerging organization may have the energy and vision to carry out its mission, but not the resources or need, to build an infrastructure to become a public charity with a qualified exemption.  Additionally, the Endowment for Health promotes collaboration and often times public charity organizations working together on a common endeavor need to identify a Fiscal Sponsor or lead organization to accept grant funding on behalf of a collaborative model.

The Fiscal Sponsorship Packet is designed to provide grant seekers information for how to successfully enter into a Fiscal Sponsor and Sponsored Organization Agreement that meets requirements for grant funding using a Fiscal Sponsorship arrangement.  

Grant Budget Revision

It is not unusual for a project and grant budget to change during the course of the project.  Grant budget adjustments from one expense line to another of more than $500 require prior approval from the Endowment.  Grant budget revisions cannot impact the original grant purpose.  To request a budget revision, complete the Budget Revision form, and email your request to  

Grant Extensions

It is not unusual for a project to take longer than expected.  No cost extensions may be requested by contacting the Endowment staff person managing your grant.   Typically, extensions are granted for six months with a final progress report due at the end of the six month extension.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Endowment grants that fund a consultant require a formal agreement between the grantee organization and the contractor.  Click here for a sample Contractor Agreement.

The State of NH Department of Labor issues criteria for establishing an employee or independent contractor relationship, which should be reviewed prior to engaging in a contract.

Progress Report

Every grant awarded by the Endowment for Health requires a final progress report (narrative and financial).  Interim progress reports may be required depending on the length and size of the grant award. The progress report schedule is included in the Terms of Award. Information collected from the progress report is used to measure outcomes and inform the Endowment grant program.  Click here for a sample Narrative Progress Report or a sample Financial Report.

Terms of Award

Every grant awarded by the Endowment for Health has an agreement referred to as the Terms of Award.  The first payment for the grant is issued once the Terms of Award have been agreed upon (both parties sign) and any Conditions outlined in the Terms of Award are met. The Terms of Award outlines the agreed upon goal(s) for the project, the payment schedule and reporting requirements.  Click here for a sample Terms of Award.