Monday, October 24, 2016

Endowment for Health Awards More than $1.1 Million in Grants

Concord – The Endowment for Health, New Hampshire’s largest health foundation, has awarded more than $1.1 million in grants.  Funding will support a wide array of research and projects to educate the public and specific stakeholder groups.  The Endowment’s focus includes work on health equity, children’s behavioral health, early childhood, elder health and health policy.    

“This grant cycle includes groundbreaking research that will help us better understand New Hampshire’s changing demographics as well as for the increasing demand for services by a growing population over the age of 65,” said Kelly Laflamme, program director for elder health.    “Our most recent grants will add to the body of knowledge about our evolving state and increase understanding that forwards health policy,” added Laflamme. The following grants are a sampling of the most current Endowment-funded projects:

University of New Hampshire/Carsey School of Public Policy, $48,776Implementing a System of Care  for Children’s Behavioral Health – This project will provide support to  implement a new state law that calls for the Departments of Education and Health & Human Services to develop a comprehensive system of care for children’s behavioral health services.  Support will be provided to better understand all expenditures associated with children’s behavioral health and to help foster cross-departmental coordination.

New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, $40,000 NH Demographics and the Elder Care Safety Net – This research will provide current data on the state’s demographic projections, simulating changes in demand for public long-term care supports and services.  In partnership with the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging, the NH Center for Public Policy Studies will analyze the financial status of the publically funded safety-net providers of elder care services.

Tri-County Community Action Program, $13,500Elder Financial Exploitation Education and Prevention Program – This project will establish a public awareness campaign that educates the community on ways to prevent themselves or their loved ones from becoming a victim of financial exploitation and about the correct channels for reporting suspected cases of financial exploitation. 

Emerging Leaders in Communities of Color, $17,100 – The ELCC Leadership Program (cohort 3) will strengthen New Hampshire’s diverse communities by developing individuals of color with the necessary skills to effectively participate in community leadership roles and promote collective impact within communities of color.

Antioch University New England, $40,000NH Integrated Behavioral Health Workforce Development – As a follow-on to the first phase of this project which identified workforce and training gaps, Phase 2 will identify elements of a related action plan to better integrate the behavioral health workforce in primary care settings.  The project will entail a series of stakeholder meetings to identify the elements of the action plan.

Journeys in Education, $6,800The Students as Teachers Project will build upon student experiences of race, refugeeism and immigration, incorporating them into New Hampshire teacher education programs.  Through engagement with diverse students who have recently entered New Hampshire classrooms, pre-service teachers will gain new perspectives.  High-school students, by experiencing themselves as teachers, will gain new appreciation for the value of their cultural knowledge and life experiences.  Manchester West High School and Antioch University are collaborating on this project.

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