Monday, August 3, 2015

Endowment for Health Awards More Than $500,000 in Grants

Concord, NH – The Endowment for Health, New Hampshire’s largest health foundation, announced grant awards of more than $500,000 for the quarter.  Ten grants were made to support a variety of health-related projects.

“Many of our recent grants are aimed at building knowledge through convening and research,” said Endowment for Health Vice President for Programs Yvonne Goldsberry.  “These grants support our field-building strategy by bringing leaders together to learn about best practices and to access key data that is relevant to our state and its future.”

Some of the recently awarded grants illustrate the Endowment’s strategy in these areas, including the following projects:

Early Childhood

Health Strategies of New Hampshire: $5,000 was awarded to the 2015 Educators Summer Summit.  The summit's early childhood track, set for August 6th at Keene State College, features a presentation by Dr. Donna Beegle, who moved from 28 years of homelessness to achieving a doctorate.  Dr. Beegle works to raise awareness of the “iron cage” of poverty and the forces necessary to break it.  The event is aimed at increasing educators’ knowledge and awareness of poverty barriers and proven strategies for addressing them.

Early Learning New Hampshire: $34,395 was awarded for the New Hampshire Leaders’ Summit on Early Childhood.  The event, to take place on October 5 in Manchester, is co-sponsored by the NH Forum on the Future, BusinessNH Magazine, the NH Department of Education and the NH Coalition for Business and Education.  Several nationally renowned early childhood experts and business leaders will make TED-talk-style presentations.  ABC News Commentator Cokie Roberts will moderate a discussion with invited 2016 presidential candidates, discussing their views on the importance of early childhood investments. 

“Our work to ensure the healthy development of young children must include key business and civic leaders, policymakers, educators, advocates and early childhood experts.  These convenings bring opinion leaders together to learn best practices and to understand the strategies that lead to better outcomes for our youngest children,” said EH Program Director Kim Firth.

Health Equity

New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies:  $8,004 was awarded to share findings from recently completed research on the economic impact of immigration.  This effort will raise awareness among business, civic and governmental leaders about the benefits of immigration for improved health and economic well-being of NH communities through dissemination of and dialogue about The Economic Impact of Immigration in NH.

NH Health & Equity Partnership/Foundation for Healthy Communities:  $304,731 was awarded to promote knowledge and action to address the root causes of health inequities in NH by building the capacity of the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership.  The grant will support a full-time leader of the Collaborative who will coordinate a collective-impact approach aimed at increasing understanding and action to advance health equity in the Granite State.

“The Endowment for Health and its community partners are working to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to achieve optimal health,” said EH Program Director Kelly Laflamme.  “That is also the key mission of the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership whose sphere of influence is growing in New Hampshire.  Additionally, we are proud to underwrite research that demonstrates ways in which New Hampshire’s economic future can benefit from diverse foreign-born workers who bring a range of experiences and skills to our state.”