Monday, December 22, 2014

Endowment for Health Awards Grants to Raise Awareness of Child Care and Early Education Issues; Supports Collective Impact for Children's Behavioral Health Coalition

Concord, NH – As part of its latest round of grant awards totaling more than $360,000, the Endowment for Health is funding work to advance collective impact and raise awareness of key issues facing New Hampshire’s children.

“We will capitalize on an emerging opportunity to tell the New Hampshire story as part of a national documentary set to air this spring on the topic of early childhood,” said Endowment for Health President Steven Rowe.  “We are also supporting the NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative as it enters the second year of its work to implement a statewide plan,” said Rowe.

Two recently awarded grants illustrate the Endowment’s strategy in these areas:

Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative/New Futures:  $157,915 was awarded to provide core support for a coalition while using communications to advance policy priorities that promote children’s behavioral health.

“The existence of a statewide Plan to Transform Children’s Behavioral Health has allowed New Hampshire to leverage more than $40 million to improve the children’s behavioral health system,” said Endowment for Health Program Director Kim Firth.  “This most recent grant will help support the necessary infrastructure to monitor progress, foster coordination and create momentum for plan implementation,” Firth said.

New Hampshire Public Television:  $16,867 was awarded to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development.

“The Endowment for Health is co-producing a program with New Hampshire Public Television entitled, The Raising of New Hampshire, aimed at discussing the diverse needs of New Hampshire’s young children and showcasing some of the state’s most promising approaches,” said Firth.  The production will serve as a local companion piece to the national PBS documentary, The Raising of America:  Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation.  Both the national and local programs are set to air in the spring of 2015.