Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Endowment for Health Awards More Than $730,000 in Grants

Concord, NH – The Endowment for Health, New Hampshire’s largest health foundation, announced grant awards of more than $730,000 for the past quarter.  Twenty-one grants were made to support a variety of health-related projects.

“Several of the Endowment’s recent grants will be used to raise awareness regarding health challenges facing children and families.  Other grants will be used to develop policies to promote health equity for racial, ethnic and language minorities,” said Endowment for Health President Steve Rowe. 

Some of the recently awarded grants illustrate the Endowment’s strategy in these areas, including the following projects:

Journeys in Education, Inc.:  $10,000 was awarded to support Emerging Voices of New Hampshire.  The project aims to increase awareness among New Hampshire students and teachers regarding the immigrant experience.  More than 2,000 students in 18 schools across the state will experience a live performance of Dreaming Again, with follow-on classroom curriculum.

Media Power Youth:  $16,680 was awarded to increase the visibility of Media Power Youth's programming which aims to empower media-smart youth and communities.  The project will include messaging as well as a new website and portal.

Early Learning New Hampshire:  $62,530 was awarded to advance the soon-to-be released comprehensive plan for early childhood in New Hampshire by raising public awareness of the importance of healthy early childhood development and by working toward policy and practice changes through Spark NH.

Families in Transition:  $16,000 was awarded to support Housing Action NH, a housing advocacy coalition focused on building alliances for low-income housing and homeless advocacy. 

Foundation for Healthy Communities:  $25,000 was awarded to build a statewide collaborative network, Transport NH, to advocate for the development of a transportation system that better serves the needs of everyone in New Hampshire.