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Awarded Monday, December 23, 2002

Relocating of NAMI NH Office

National Alliance on Mental Illness-New Hampshire

Relocating NAMI NH's offices from the current overcrowded location to adequate space at below market rates accomplishes several objectives. It will provide needed privacy for those coming to seek information and referral, support continued programmactic growth, improve public awareness of NAMI NH, and facilitate public use of our lending library. Our expansion of program growth has resulted in increased staff sharing space, desks, telephones and file cabinets. Financial resources are directed to programs - we must focus on providing operational tools for staff to work effectively.

The grant is being requested to assist with funding our relocation. The grant funds will be used for items specific to public awareness, communication, and education. The equipment/furnishings will allow us to continue our programmatic work more effectively and accommodate the needs of our consumers and volunteers.

Amount Awarded: $11,266
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Adolescent Injury Prevention Program

Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

To leverage funds which have now become available that will enable us to start up an adolescent injury prevention program at six pilot sites.

A campaign to promote helmet use among teens, who have the highest risk for traumatic brain injury of all age groups, yet the lowest rate of helmet use.

Amount Awarded: $3,600
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Area Health and Safety Council Public Health Initiative

Greater Derry Community Health Services, Inc.
To forge strategic alliances, plan & complete a community health assessment, & initiate discussion with key stakeholders around solutions to the problem of an absent public health infrastructure & to develop the methodology to allow it to make a long-term commitment to partner communities in the Gr. Derry area to create a professionally staffed, organizational entity whose responsibility is to fulfill the obligations of a local public health department in the form of a regional cooperative health district
Amount Awarded: $29,608
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Call to Action - Child Abuse in NH

Prevent Child Abuse New Hampshire
To determine the scope of the problem of child abuse in NH in a way that better informs prevention, intervention and treatment efforts.
Amount Awarded: $50,000
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Collaborative Transportation Planning in the Twin Rivers & Lakes Reg

Caring Community Network of the Twin Rivers
To help fund personnel costs, including consultants and meeting costs, to develop through a series of planning activities a sustainable plan for a regional, coordinated transportation system to access primary, secondary, and tertiary health care in the Twin Rivers and Lakes Region.
Amount Awarded: $18,483
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Community Health Prevention & Treatment Initiative

Foundation for Healthy Communities
To build upon Healthy NH 2010 to create a community health model to provide better access to prevention and treatment particularly for vulnerable populations by examining the processes related to how policies, networks (formal, informal), institutions and the public interact to produce more effective prevention and treatment strategies in the community.
Amount Awarded: $75,000
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Development of Integrated Dental Services Resouces

Community Health Access Network
The project will organize a planning process that will develop a proposed model for an integrated dental services administrative support system for commonly administered operational functions of the dental service program for participating CHC members; to develop a model of health services integration for oral health status screening and education for selected at-risk populations (prenatal and children).
Amount Awarded: $11,093
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Empowering Communities Through Access to Information and Training

University of New Hampshire
To develop, implement and evaluate 1) a web-based health data query system for NH and 2) training and educational materials that promote and support the community health improvement process in NH reflecting community input from the work of the Empowering Communities with Data project to date.
Amount Awarded: $266,479
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Expand Your Vision: Hire the Visually Impaired

New Hampshire Association for the Blind
To convene a statewide conference, Expand Your Vision: Hire the Visually Impaired. to begin the process of opening doors to economic independence for many visually impaired residents by providing an opportunity for employers, consumers and service providers to work and learn together about employment barriers for visually impaired individuals and how they can be overcome.
Amount Awarded: $5,300
Awarded Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Grapevine Rural Access to Health and Human Services

Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center
Project will ensure local access to health and human services and support through family resource centers in every community in NH by creating a pilot model which provides local access to DHHS and contracting providers; supports and advocates for people navigating the service system; and facilitates civic dialogue, leadership development, mutual aid and the development of new or existing local supports and services and work with DHHS and Network NH to develop a statewide replication plan.
Amount Awarded: $18,250